How to fill out your online rental application


After you've accessed your Online Rental Application, you may begin filling it out. Here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through each part of our Universal Online Rental Application and Tenant Verification Package. 

Select your preferred move-in date to get started. You can add some information about yourself if you choose. This would be a good place to mention anyone under the age of 18 that is moving in with you. 


Once you’ve selected your move-in date, you will be able to fill out your RentSpree online rental application. Click the green Start button to begin. 


Fill out the About Me and Country/State sections and click Save & Next to continue. You will not be able to advance if a field with a red asterisk is not completed.


Select your current housing type (rental or owner) and fill out all of the required fields depending on which type of housing you currently live in. It is recommended that you fill out your previous residence as well. Click Save & Next to continue. 


Select your work status (employed, student, unemployed) and fill out the information regarding your current and previous occupation. There is a section to add any additional income that you receive and make sure that the total monthly income amount is accurate. Click Save & Next to continue. 


Enter one personal and one professional reference with their contact info. By entering this information you give permission to the receiver of the application to contact these references.  



Here is where you would enter any pets that you will bring with you to your new rental property. If you have any vehicles, this is where you can add them along with the make, model, color, and license plate number. Answer all of the additional information questions truthfully then click Save & Next.



You will then be asked to click on SUBMIT to submit your application. Congratulations! Your application has been submitted. Your agent or landlord will receive a notification in their email and they will be able to view your application. In order to view your application, access your Applicant Dashboard by clicking MY DASHBOARD on the home screen. 

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