Intro to Screening Tenants After Adding a Property Listing

How to initiate screenings after adding a property listing address

Please note that BOTH the listing agent and the renter's agent can use the screening service on their RentSpree Dashboard.

However, we recommend that the renter's agent contact the listing agent first to ask if they have a preferred method to screen or if the renter's agent can initiate the screening and share the reports afterward.

Add your property & select screening options

  1. Login to your RentSpree dashboard or  create an account by clicking here
  2. Click My Listings from your dashboard in the left menu bar
  3. Click on the Add New Listing button to add a property listing to your account or click on an existing listing that was added previously
  4. Click the + Screen New Tenants button on the right side of the page
  5. Read and accept the TransUnion Agreement by checking the I accept the service agreement box and clicking Next
  6. Choose the application fee payer and select the desired rental application and TransUnion screening reports
  7. Click Next after selecting the reports
  8. If the Criminal Background Check was selected, read the pop-up and click Confirm & Continue

Request Applications by Email or Text Message

Requesting via email/text is a personal way to screen applicants, requiring their direct contact information.  Applicants should check their spam or other folders if the email is not received.

  1. After selecting your reports and clicking Next enter the applicant's email address or mobile phone number
  2. Separate multiple email addresses/phone numbers with commas or press "enter."
  3. Click Send Request(s)
  4. Applicants will receive an email/text with your name and the property address to complete the rental application.

email.text request

Share Your Application Link

ApplyLinks™ are versatile, direct web link to your application and can be shared by listing agents or accessed by multiple applicants at different times.

  1. After selecting your reports and clicking Next, you'll see a pre-made ApplyLink™.
  2. Click Copy.
  3. Paste the ApplyLink™ wherever you want, such as a blog, social media, MLS post, or text message.
  4. ApplyLinks™ are versatile and can be shared by listing agents or accessed by multiple applicants at different times.

copy link

Print Application Flyers

The Application Flyer includes an ApplyLink™ that applicants can enter directly into a browser and a QR code for smartphone scanning. Use it at open houses, libraries, or anywhere else!

  1. After selecting your reports and clicking Next, view the Print application flyers box to preview the printed copy.
  2. Enter custom information in the designated "Enter your custom message here" rectangle, such as a license number or welcome/thank you message
  3. Click Print

print flyer-gif

How will I know when my applicant has finished submitting?

You will receive an email notification from RentSpree!

Want to check the status now? Click here to see the status of your report requests on your RentSpree Dashboard