Intro to RentSpree for Property Representatives

What is RentSpree?

RentSpree is an all-online platform to power your rental business! From Tenant Screening to Rent Payment, RentSpree provides powerful tools for every rental process step. Our features include the following but are not limited to:

Ready to streamline your rental experience with RentSpree? Creating an account is a breeze, taking just minutes on your phone, tablet, or computer. All you need is your basic information: first and last name, email address, mailing address, and phone number.

As a landlord, adding your property address lets you manage applications and screening reports like a pro. Don't worry if you're representing a tenant—you can also initiate a screening without a listing!

Join over 2 million users who use RentSpree to simplify every step of the rental process.

Let's simplify renting together!

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