Intro to RentSpree for Applicants

What is RentSpree?

RentSpree is an online rental application service and includes tenant screening by TransUnion in order to streamline the rental process for both applicants and owners/agents. Once completed, applicants pay an screening fee at the end of the submission before submitting the reports to the Property Representative with a Debit, Credit, or Prepaid card.

What's included in the TransUnion Tenant Screening Reports?

You can complete applications online via a request from your owner/agent. We also offer tenant screening reports generated by TransUnion. These reports include a Credit Report & Score, Criminal Background Check, and Eviction Related Proceedings.

For more information about screening restrictions and limitations, click here

How do I complete my submission?

Below, you can find a walkthrough video of how the application process looks like on our site:


If you want to apply to multiple properties through RentSpree, you do not have to fill out multiple applications — your information is saved from the first one you filled out. Due to this, we require all applicants to have their own account with us for security reasons and to prevent further issues.

Our Terms of Service have changed and can be read here: Terms of Service Renter Agreement