A completed sample RentSpree application


What information comes included with the RentSpree application?

With RentSpree, we understand that knowing is half of the battle. That's why we strive to provide as much information as we can on the application form. A completed application will include information such as

  • Name, email, phone number, and move-in date
  • Residence history, including current and previous address information
  • Employment history, including current and previous employers along with supervisor information
    • Includes options for students and retired applicants
  • Extra income sources if outside of their normal employment
  • References, including closest living relative
  • Car and pet information

A completed sample application can be viewed below. 


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  • This application is not complete for my needs as I do most of my screening from the application. Where is the section for the creditor list? And explanation of rent and security payment for them to approve? (We always fill in this section before the tenant fills out the app. Not possible with your app. I may have to change my ways here. Credit reports are pretty important for me. I know you get them on the report we receive but the tenant's app is sometimes different... and for a reason.

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