Reusable Screening Package

A Guide to Requesting an ApplyLink™ with the Reusable Screening Package

Renters can request an ApplyLink™ through the dashboard after purchasing the Reusable Screening Package

To request an ApplyLink™ from a property representative through the RentSpree dashboard, you will need to have submitted screening reports with the Reusable Screening Package added on. 

  1. First, sign into your RentSpree account as a renter
  2. Select the option at the top of the page, Request to apply now

  3. Enter the contact information for the property representative you would like to request an ApplyLink™ from and if available, the property address you wish to apply for, and click Request to apply now

  4. The property representative will receive a notification that you have requested an ApplyLink™. & you will see the request on your RentSpree dashboard
    1. If necessary, you can delete this request by selecting the three dots and clicking Delete