Reusable Screening Package

A Guide to Adding the Reusable Screening Package as an Applicant

RentSpree offers a cost-efficient add-on to applicants interested in applying for multiple listings!

Applicants can add the $15 Reusable Screening Package with their first screening. This waives the screening fees on additional screenings for the next 30 days (up to 5 screenings per day).

We also save your application package so you can apply to more homes in just a few clicks.

How to add the Reusable Bundle

1. Once you receive an ApplyLink from a property representative, begin the application process

2. Once you complete all the required steps in the application package, you'll see the Special Offer section below that will ask if you would like to add the $15 Reusable Bundle - click Yes and Continue to Payment
3. Once you've paid, confirmed, and completed your submission, you can go to the Rental Application page on your RentSpree Dashboard to view the Reusable Bundle details and expiration date

How to Redeem the Reusable Screening Package

1. Once you receive another ApplyLink from a property representative and start your new submission, you will now see a $0 Screening Fee and how many submissions you can complete for the rest of the day

  • Also, information from your previous submission will be automatically entered in the next one - but can be edited before submitting if needed