Intro to Tenant Screening

A Guide to Tenant Screening with Premium Bundle

The premium bundle is an add-on to our standard tenant screening package that gives property representatives an added layer of verification to make decisions quickly.

In addition to a rental application plus credit report, background check, and eviction history powered by TransUnion, you’ll enable automatic reference and document requests and receive an income insights report on your applicants. 

What’s included? 

  • Rental application
  • Credit report & score
  • Criminal background check
  • Eviction history
  • Automated document requests (exclusive to Premium)
    • Select the documents you’d like to review and enable the applicant to upload everything in one place for easy review. Your RentSpree dashboard shows what’s been submitted and what’s still outstanding.  
    • Proof of income
    • Bank statements
    • Tax returns
    • W-2s
    • Government-issued ID
    • Other additional documents of your choice
  • Automated reference requests (exclusive to Premium)
    Our platform will automatically send requests to personal, professional, and landlord references that the prospective tenant inputs on their application.
  • Income insights (exclusive to Premium)
    Quickly verify whether an applicant’s income is close to what they reported, with this additional report from TransUnion. Reduce risk and confidently determine whether an applicant needs additional income verification.

Why does it matter?

Premium bundle is a cost-efficient screening option that enables access to some of our most popular PRO features, without requiring a monthly subscription. You can pass the cost of Premium on to your applicants, just like you would for a standard screening. Premium gives you an extra TransUnion report to quickly verify whether your applicant’s income matches the number they reported on their application, plus automates your requests for references and additional documents like bank statements and tax returns. All the extra paperwork will be organized and sorted for your review right from your RentSpree dashboard.

How much does it cost?

The premium bundle is free for property representatives and $49.99 for applicants*

*The $49.99 premium bundle fee may vary due to certain state, county, and city screening regulations

Who is it for?

The premium bundle is available to all property representatives. Check out the next section for details on how to select Premium for your next screening.

How to choose the Premium Bundle

1. From the Tenant Screening Page on the RentSpree Dashboard, select +Screen New Tenants


2. Select an existing property, add a new property, or select Screen without Property:                       

3. Select what is your role for the property.


4. Select who will pay the screening fee. This will also determine who will pay the Premium Bundle fee:


5. Select the Premium Bundle:

6. Select an application, or select No application if you do not require one:


7. Confirm your selected reports, choose the documents you’d like to request from the applicant, then select Next:

8. From the How Will Applicants Apply? page, select how you would like to share the ApplyLink with the applicant(s):


In Beta Testing: Please note that you may see different options available in your Tenant Screening fields.