What does "You do not have a permission to view the report(s)" mean?

You are trying to access a dashboard for a different account.

With RentSpree, it is common for multiple agents/owners/landlords to work together to find the perfect tenant for the right property. To help accomplish this, we allow all requesting agents/owners/landlords to save the application/reports as a PDF and print them out to share with other parties involved in the transaction.

Sometimes, the requesting agent/owner/landlord will instead share a LeaseLink™ to their own dashboard. Unfortunately, this will cause an error as the reports are tied to the requesting agent/owner/landlord.

  • If you have been sent a LeaseLink™ and see the error below, please contact the person that sent it to you and have them provide the application/reports using the correct method.
  • If you received a LeaseLink™ from an applicant, it means they created an account as an agent and applied to themself. They would need to re-submit their information using the correct LeaseLink™ and contact us so we can refund the erroneous charge.
  • If you are typing "RentSpree" into your address bar and then receiving the error, it means your cache/cookies are trying to auto-fill the address with a link that is not valid any more. This can be for an older property, applicant with expired reports, or even if you've reset your password recently. 
    • When this occurs, it is recommended you try a new browser. 99.9% of the time this works, however, the last resort is clearing your cache/cookies.