Sample Application & Reports

C.A.R. Sample Application

What is the C.A.R. application, what is included in it, and who is it for?

The California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) application is just that! An application for members of C.A.R. Typically, this application will be requested by name, or if you are a member of C.A.R., this would be the standard application you will use. 

In order to use the C.A.R. application, you do need to validate your membership, which will come up when you choose this application. The information you will need are your last name, brokerage name, and NRDS ID to continue.

Here are samples of what the application will look like. A couple of things worth noting on the first few pages include: 

  1. What type of applicant (tenant, tenant with co-tenants, or guarantor/co-signer) along with the number of applicants.
  2. Information about the property being applied to. Including street address, agreed upon rent price, and the proposed move in date. 
  3. Personal information about the applicant, including emergency contact, vehicle information, and if they have any pets. 
  4. Residential history to reference.
  5. Employment and income history to reference.
  6. Creditor information.
  7. Any personal references.
  8. Any nearest relatives.
  9. Signature for terms of agreement to the application.
  10. Signature for authorization of disclosure. 

The final two pages include signatures. The third page is for the applicant to sign off on the screening fee, and the fourth and final page is a signature for a notice regarding criminal background investigations pursuant to California Law.