When to use Zoom remote viewing tool

When clients lack basic computer literacy skills, they find it extremely difficult to not only navigate their computer, but also to use RentSpree effectively. Use the criteria below to determine if/when to use Zoom to remotely assist.

If the following criteria are met, ask the client for their permission to use Zoom to remotely share and view their screen.

  1. Using Full Story does not work to provide clear direction or instruction.
  2. Does not have a friend/relative to assist at a scheduled time.
  3. Lack of basic computer literacy skills can not be over come.*
  4. Frustration level has made continuing unproductive.

  5.   Client still insists they want to use RentSpree.


* Lack of basic computer literacy skills includes:

  • Inability to effectively use a search engine - Cannot use a browser to get to the RentSpree website even though a URL link has be sent
  • Lacks browser basics – Cannot:
    • Open links in new windows
    • Edit URLs to perform navigation
    • Understand common error messages
  • Lacks knowledge of common keyboard commands and functions
    • Copy/Paste
    • Download/save/locate files on hard drive
    • Send emails with attachments
    • Verify physical connectivity to their network
    • Constant what is this question