Frequently Asked Questions

Do you verify the information provided on the application?

Q: Do you verify what the applicant enters on their application or not?

Do I need to do the verification and checking of references myself or do you do that for me as well?

A: We do have an Auto-Reference Check feature that is available with RentSpree PRO.

Solution: With RentSpree PRO, you can request that we check with all references included on the application. This includes:

  • Current and previous employer (if applicable)
  • Current and previous landlord (if applicable)
  • Personal reference
  • Professional reference

We will send off an email and text message to the email (if provided) and phone number of the person listed. They will be provided with the information the applicant entered on the application and asked to either approve or deny it. If they deny it, they are asked to provide more detail regarding why the information is false.

For more information on Auto-Reference Checks, click here.