E-Sign Documents

Sign an E-Sign Document

Submitting an E-Sign document as a Recipient.

RentSpree allows for E-Sign Documents to be sent to Recipients. These documents can be signed and sent back to the agent, owner, or landlord. You can sign these Documents after the document has been sent by the agent, owner, or landlord.

How to Sign E-Sign Document

You first will receive an email that states you have been sent documents you will then need to click the button Review & Sign. This allows you to open the document and use the boxes for electronic signature.

Sign document email-1

After clicking Review & Sign you will be taken to the E-Sign document. Here you will see fields that you need to click on and sign within the document.

  1. Click Review & Sign
  2. E-Sign and E-Delivery Consent
  3. Select Checkbox that I accept the RentSpree E-Sign and Deliver Consent.
  4. Then Choose Continue
  5. Select the Boxes that Need an E-Sign or an Initial
  6. Signature
    1. Type Full Name / Initials
    2. Draw Signature is Optional
    3. Use Preview of Signature and Initials and select Adopt
      SignatureThis allows for any other signature or Initial box to adopt the signature that you created. You can also select the Date Signed boxes to auto-fill the date that they were selected.
  7. Finish Signing

Renter Sign Document