The Rent Estimate Report

A guide to the Rent Estimate Report on RentSpree

When attempting to lease out your property, there are a lot of factors to consider when determining the rental price. Here at RentSpree, we can help with that by providing a Rent Estimate report from RentRange® for only $19.99. With the Rent Estimate report, you will get:

  • A rent estimate for your property along with a confidence score for that estimate and vacancy rate
  • Rent benchmarks in your area
  • County vacancy vs. days on market data
  • Rental saturation benchmarks
  • Comparable rentals in your area including a map of properties
  • County rent trends by bedroom and type
  • Area Gross Yield and rental trend data

RentRange® uses an advanced rental valuation model that applies predictive analytics on high quality public and proprietary data sources to estimate the current rental value of a residential property with best in class accuracy. RentRange Rental AVM is driven by our nationwide property database with over 98 Million single and multi-family residential properties.

With 10 years of experience in rental AVMs, RentRange's® Ph.D. led team of data scientists has a deep 
understanding of the underlying data and market factors to provide a highly reliable valuation model.

You can view a sample Rent Estimate report by clicking here! You can also view a screenshot of the first page of the report along with definitions below:

rent estimate report page 1

rent estimate definitions 1

rent estimate definitions 2