An overview of RentSpree for an applicant

What is RentSpree?

RentSpree is an online rental application and tenant screening service that streamlines the rental process for both applicants and owners/agents. We save you time by providing the rental applications and screening reports, meaning less back and forth between you, the owner/agent, and any other parties involved.

You can complete applications online via a request from your owner/agent. We also offer tenant screening reports generated by TransUnion SmartMove. These reports include a credit report and score, 45 state criminal background check, and 50 state eviction history. You just have to pay a small fee and then the reports are generated instantly!

If you want to apply to multiple properties through RentSpree, you do not have to fill out multiple applications — your information is saved from the first one you filled out. Due to this, we require all applicants to have their own account with us for security reasons and to prevent further issues.