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How to fill out your online rental application

How to fill out a rental application

After you've accessed your Online Rental Application, you may begin filling it out. Here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through each part of our Online Rental Application and Tenant Verification Package.

1. Click on Sign Up & Apply to begin the application process. You will be asked to provide an email address and create a password. 

2. Once you have created your account, you will be taken to the "Please read before applying" page and can click on Apply Now to begin. This page includes: 

  • The property address
  • Name of agent/owner requesting the application and/or reports
  • The report(s) requested
  • Screening fee (if applicable)

3. You will then be brought to the summary page. Please click on Start to begin filling in the move-in date, how you are applying (tenant or guarantor/co-signer), if there are any other tenants, and if there are any co-signers/guarantors. 

4. The first page will ask for the move-in date. Enter this and click Save & Next.

5. You will then be asked to specify if you are applying as a tenant or guarantor/co-signer. You will also be able to provide any additional information you feel the requesting agent/owner should have. Click on Save & Next to continue. 

6. You will then be asked to provide the information for any other tenants, if applicable. After clicking Save & Next, you will be asked to provide guarantor/co-signer information, if applicable. 

7. Once you click on Save & Next, you will be taken back to the Apply page to start the actual application. Click Start to begin.

8. The first section, "Personal Information," contains all of your basic information including your contact information, a government-issued ID, and emergency contact. Please complete each page and click Save & Next to continue. 

9. Select your current housing type (rental or owner) and fill out all of the required fields depending on which type of housing you currently live in. Click Save & Next to continue.

10. It is recommended that you fill out your previous residence as well, however, you should contact the requesting agent/owner for confirmation on how many years of residence history they would like. Click Save & Next to continue.

11. Select your work status (employed, unemployed, or retired) and fill out the information regarding your current and previous occupation on the following pages. There is a section to add any additional income that you receive and make sure that the total monthly income amount is accurate. Click Save & Next to continue.

12. As with the previous residence, it is recommended that you fill out your previous occupation as well, however, you should contact the requesting agent/owner for confirmation on how many years of occupation history they would like. Click Save & Next to continue.

13. Enter the information for one of your nearest relatives along with a personal reference.

14. Here is where you will be asked to enter any pet and/or vehicle information, where applicable. Once you enter the information on the respective pages, you can click Save & Next until on the final page, where we ask a few miscellaneous questions. Answer truthfully, providing any extra information where asked, and click on Save & Finish.

15. If you have been asked to provide information for the screening reports, you will be brought to the next section where you can click on Start Screening Process. Otherwise, you will be asked to click on SUBMIT to submit your application.

Congratulations! Your application has been submitted. Your agent or landlord will receive a notification in their email and they will be able to view your application. In order to view your application, access your Applicant Dashboard by clicking MY DASHBOARD on the home screen or click on the View my screening report(s) button.