How do I change the information on the Screening Handout™?

How to change any incorrect/outdated information that appears on the Screening Handout™?

The RentSpree Screening Handout™ is a convenient way to screen applicants who you plan on meeting in person or if you want to leave a flyer at the property. If any of the following information needs to be changed, you can do so from your profile and dashboard:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Items requested
  • Property address

In order for these changes to take effect on your Screening Handout™, you would need to add a new property. We will go over all of this below!

Name & Number

You can change your name and phone number in your profile on RentSpree. To do this you need to:

-Click on your name in the top-right corner of the page and then click on My Profile. You can then edit the name and phone number that you want to appear on your account. 

-Once you change this information, you will need to add a new property to your dashboard. This is because when a property is added, the data in your profile at the time are what get attached to the property for the Screening Handout™.

-If it is the same property address as one already on your dashboard, you can re-enter it but change the address slightly. For instance, if you entered "Street" previously, you can enter "St." this time or vice-versa. 

Items Requested

If you would like to change the items requested for the Screening Handout™, you will need to click on the Actions button next to the property address and then click on Print Screening Handout™. You will then be asked to confirm who will be paying the screening fee and which reports you would like. You can then print a new Screening Handout™ for your applicants. 

Property Address

Currently, we do not allow editing of property addresses on the dashboard. In cases where the address needs to be changed for the Screening Handout™, you would need to add a new property with a similar address. What this means is that you would just change the street type slightly. 

-If you entered "123 Main St." you would add a new property as "123 Main Street." This will allow you to print out a Screening Handout™ with an updated address and/or other information that was updated.