How to get started applying

The agent/landlord/manager told me to "Go to RentSpree." What do I do now?

Q: I was told to "Go to and apply", how do I do that?

It appears as if I need something from the agent/landlord/manager but am being told to just come to your site and apply. What do I do now?

A: Let the agent/landlord/manager know to contact us so we can go over how to send a request to collect the application/reports.

Solution: The way our service works, an agent/landlord/manager is supposed to send a request to you, the applicant. This allows you to have your application and/or reports sent directly to the requesting agent/landlord/manager. Let them know that they need to request that information from you and if they have any questions on how to do it, they can reach us at (323) 515-7757.