What is the difference between RentSpree and SmartMove?


RentSpree vs. SmartMove - What's the difference?

While RentSpree and SmartMove may seem similar, RentSpree offers more features at a lower cost.

  • We include the online rental application in addition to the screening reports. SmartMove does not offer the application.
  • SmartMove charges applicants $38 for a credit report and score, criminal background check, and nationwide eviction history report. RentSpree charges less and provides the rental application as well!
  • RentSpree provides additional marketing tools for you to use, such as:
    • Links to apply and screen directly for your property that can be posted on social media, the MLS, or any listing site you are advertising on.
    • A printed flyer to handout at live showings or open houses. Applicants can scan the QR code on the flyer and submit a completed application and screening reports before leaving the property.
  • We offer RentSpree PRO, which is our service that offers extra features such as:
    • Document upload - Request extra documents from the applicant such as a government-issued ID, pay stubs, W-2's, and more!
    • Reference checks - Upon request, RentSpree will reach out to employers, landlords, and references included on the rental application to verify the information provided.
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