How will I know if my information was submitted to the requesting agent/landlord/manager?


Q: How am I to be sure the person that requested my application and/or reports received them?

I think I submitted my application and/or reports but am not sure what to do now. Does the requesting agent/landlord/manager receive them or do I need to contact them?

A: You will see a "Congratulations!" pop-up along with receiving a "Submission Confirmation" email.

Solution: When you successfully submit an application and/or reports, you will see a "Congratulations!" pop-up to notify you that everything was successfully submitted. You will also receive an email that says "Submission Confirmation for [insert address here]" as the subject line. When opened, the first thing it says is:

  • "Hi [Your name],
    This email is to confirm your successful submission to [Agent/landlord/manager name]."

If you do not see the agent/landlord/manager's name there, it means the application and/or reports were not submitted to them directly. If this is the case, you will need to locate the email/link/flyer you were originally provided and apply through that. 

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