How to bypass the "Sorry, the information you entered does not match our records" error


Sometimes there is an issue communicating between servers. Thankfully, there is a quick fix for this issue. 

Rarely, when entering information for the screening reports, an error will occur generating the reports from TransUnion. To fix this, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Log in and continue to submit your screening reports by clicking this link


  2. Locate the property you are applying to and select Resume Screening Process.


  3. Make sure you are on the "Personal" stage of the screening process as indicated in the picture below.
  4. Under the "Home Address" section, change the street type. If it is abbreviated, type out the whole word. If it is already the full word, try abbreviating it (e.g. Street instead of St. or vice versa). This will allow us to update the information successfully to TransUnion. Click Save & Next once you have changed the necessary information.
  5. Once the form has been submitted, you will then be asked to answer security identity verification questions.
  6. If answered successfully, you will be asked to submit payment (if applicable) and you can then view your reports!

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