Why does it say "Renter Started" on my dashboard when the applicant has submitted?


Q: Why does it still say "Renter Started" on my dashboard if the applicant claims to have submitted?

My applicant submitted and can access their reports, but I still see "Renter Submitted" on my dashboard. Why is that?

A: The applicant submitted to his/her self. 

Solution: When adding a property and attempting to screen new applicants, you have 3 screening options to choose from. If an applicant does not receive a link via one of these options and is instead told to "go to RentSpree," then they will only submit to themselves. To fix this, make sure to get the correct link to them via one of the 3 screening options. If they are asked to submit payment again, have them contact us at support@rentspree.com and we can refund them for the second submission. 

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