How do I copy the lease link to provide to the applicant?


Q: I want to share the lease link, how do I copy it to provide to the applicant?

I selected the option to share the lease link but there is no way to send it to the applicant. How do I do that?

A: By copying it into a text or email.

Solution: Next to the link provided, you will notice a Copy button. Click it and it will copy the link for you. You can then share it via email (by pasting it into the subject or body of the email) or text (by pasting it into a text message). Since the link is case-sensitive, make sure to copy EXACTLY as it appears. 

  • You can also highlight the link and press CTRL+C on your keyboard. You can then paste it anywhere by pressing CTRL+V on your keyboard or pressing a right-click on your mouse and selecting paste.
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