I am not getting notification emails


Q: I am not receiving any notification emails confirming submission for my applicants.

I have potential tenants that claim to have submitted their application/reports, however, I have not received any of the email notifications informing me.

A: You might want to double check your spam/junk mail folders to see if they're ending up in there. If so, be sure to mark any as "not spam" so they won't end up there in the future.

Solution: It is possible that the email is getting routed to your spam/junk folder. Make sure to check there and then mark any email from Rentspree.com as "Not Spam" or "Not Junk."

Solution 2: If you have not initiated the process via one of the 3 screening methods, then you will not receive any reports or application back. In order to receive these to your dashboard, you must initiate the application/screening process using one of our 3 methods. To learn how to initiate the screening/application process, click here.

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