How to download a document


Collecting extra documents has never been easier!

Once a renter has uploaded documents for your to view with his/her rental application & screening reports, you will have to download the documents to your computer in order to access them.

  • To do this, first navigate to your dashboard and open up the application materials for the applicant. 
  • Go to the top of the screen an click the "Other docs" tab:


  • Next, you will see a "Download" button to the right of your screen next to every document that has been submitted to you:


  • Once you click Download, the document will be downloaded to your computer. 
    • To access the document, you will have to navigate to the location where the document was downloaded.  This varies depending on your computer settings, but is usually a "downloads", "documents", or desktop folder.  

Once you find the document, you should be able to open it to view!

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