How to print a screening handout for an existing listing


How to print screening handouts for open houses or showings

  1. Access your dashboard
  2. From your dashboard, locate the property you would like to print a flyer for. 
  3. Once you've located the property, click on ACTION and then PRINT SCREENING HANDOUT.

  4. Once you select to print the handout, you will be asked to select the screening items and who will be paying for the screening fee (you know the item is selected as indicated by the blue check mark next to each item).

  5. After selecting the screening items, click NEXT.
  6. In the rectangle that states, "Enter your custom message here" you may enter information such as a license number and a brokerage name.
  7. Click on PRINT and you are all set!


The link can be typed directly into a browser by an applicant.  It also has a QR code that may be scanned with a smartphone. Flyers can be handed out during open houses, posted at a library--the options are as limited as your imagination. 

To screen using a lease link, click here.
To screen using an applicant's email, click here

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