What Comes In RentSpree's Application Package?


A completed application showcases four types of reports:

1) An application that describes a client's personal info. Such information includes number of pets, drug convictions, and bedbugs. 

2) A credit report from TransUnion's SmartMove Credit Report. Scores range from 300-850. 

3) TransUnion SmartMove criminal background check. Criminal history includes felonies and misdemeanors.  

4) TransUnion SmartMove Eviction History. This includes any and all evictions and rental payment history. 


RentSpree’s Rental Application comes with four documents:


  • RentSpree's Rental Application



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RentSpree’s Universal Online Rental Application is based on standard rental applications.  RentSpree’s online rental application is able to be used on multiple properties, and is submitted online. Learn more here.


  • TransUnion SmartMove Credit Report




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Each credit report comes with a three-digit score from TransUnion as well as a full report that includes open trade lines, payment timeliness, loans, mortgages, and other relevant information. TransUnion uses a soft credit inquiry, which does not harm the applicant’s credit score. Learn more about a soft credit inquiry here.


  • TransUnion SmartMove Criminal Background Check



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TransUnion has access to some of the nation’s most trusted criminal history databases, both on a nationwide and state scale. Information from databases like the National Sex Offender Registry, Most Wanted Database, and local/state court records will be included on each criminal background check with RentSpree’s Universal Online Rental Application.


  • TransUnion SmartMove Eviction History




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In addition to accessing over 200 million criminal records, TransUnion has access to over 25 million eviction records from all 50 states. An eviction history is one of the most important parts of verifying your tenants, and it is often overlooked by many real estate agents and landlords. 

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