How Does RentSpree Work?


This is a brief overview. For more detailed instructions, visit our Knowledge-Based Help Center.

RentSpree let's people apply to rent housing online via email. A property owner or leasing agent only needs the applicant's email address to begin the process. Also, lessors pay nothing for the service. Easy, right?


  • The lessor enters an applicant's email address in tour our site for a specific property. Properties are listed on a lessor's dashboard according to their address and location.   
  • The applicant will be sent a link via email to RentSpree's Universal Online Rental Application. The applicant can submit a complete application after paying a $30 application fee with either a credit, debit, or prepaid card.  
  • Once the application is submitted, the property representative will receive an email notification with a link to the completed application and screening reports. Included with the tenant verification reports are a credit report, criminal background check, and eviction history from TransUnion SmartMove. 


  • The agent/landlord can print the full application package or save it as a PDF file to their computer. 


Remember: Real estate agents and landlords never have to pay for RentSpree's application package.

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