How to Access Your Online Rental Application


You can access your application one of three ways, depending on how your agent shared an application link with you. To resume an incomplete application, you have to return to where you originally accessed it. 


From an Email


  • You can access a RentSpree Universal Online Rental Application through your email if your agent sends you one. 


  • Click on the Start Rental Application button in the email to begin filling out your application.


From a Link


  • Your agent can also either post a direct link to the application on their website or send it to you via text message.


  • Copy and paste the link into your search bar and hit enter to access the online rental application .


From a Flyer



  • Agents can print and pass out RentSpree flyers out at open houses with a QR code and direct link to the application.


  • You can either scan the QR code on your phone or manually type the link into your search bar from your computer to access the application. Links are case sensitive, so be sure to type it in exactly as you see it. If you receive a PDF version of the flyer from your agent, you can also click on the link to access it. 


  • Once you access your Universal Online Rental Application and Tenant Verification package, you can begin filling it out. Find out how here


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