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Sign Up

The first step to gaining access to RentSpree is creating a profile.

  • Enter in your browser.

  • Click Sign Up in the top righthand corner.

  • You will be asked if you are a renter, agent, or a landlord. Select either Landlord or Agent.

  • Enter your name, email, and password.
  • A "Service Agreement" will appear.  You may agree to the terms by scrolling down and click Accept



You will be welcomed to your dashboard.  You may watch a tutorial, see a sample application, or view the process of what applicants go through in order to apply. You may also begin screening right away by clicking Get Started Now.


Add new listing

You can add a new listing anytime by clicking Add new listing in the top lefthand corner of your dashboard. This will allow you to list another rental property or unit. 



Need help?

You can click Support in the top righthand corner. This opens a new window that directs you to the "HELP" section of the website. You can find an answer on the knowledge base or chat with our representative during business hours by clicking Help icon in the bottom righthand corner.


Main Menu

When you click on your name in the top righthand corner, you will see four more options that scroll down: My Profile, Leads & Applicants, Log Out, and Renter? Click here.

  • "My Profile" This area contains information about you. From here you can:

    • change your profile picture

    • edit your name

    • add a phone number

    • and change password

  • "Renter? Click here" allows you to view RentSpree as a tenant. This is useful if you'd like to understand what your clients will see on our site.


Leads & Applicants

Clicking Leads & Applicants will redirect you to your dashboard. The dashboard is the best place to visit when you want to see what properties are listed and what the status is of your applicants. 

Clicking on a property's address will reveal how many applicants have applied. It will also show the status of an application. If an application is completed, you will be able to view and/or download it. 

Some applicants will apply at different speeds. There are different statuses for applications:

  • "Request Sent" (yellow)

  • "Renter Started" (blue)

  • "Submitted" (green)

When an application is fully submitted and green, you're good to go! You can review the prospective tenant's information and make a decision.

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