Screen applicants with an email address


How to screen prospective tenants with an email address

To screen new applicants using their email, you must first have their email address. From your dashboard, locate the property in question and select Screen new tenants.

  • If a property is not listed, click Add new listing button in the top lefthand corner and enter the property address.

You will now be asked to select the screening reports you'd like. Select the ones you'd like included and then choose who will be paying for the reports, you or the applicant. After hitting Next, you will be asked to select a screening option. Click the Screen with applicants' emails option.

Enter their email address(es) in the drop-down box. You can enter more than one email address by separating each with a comma or by pressing "ENTER" on your keyboard. Once you've entered the email address(es), click the Send Request(s) button.



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