Agent Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Where did my properties and reports go?

I cannot find any of the properties I have added and my dashboard looks different.

The dashboard on RentSpree is meant to be your central hub where you can find all of your properties and applications/reports that have been submitted to you. Which is why it can be alarming when you log in and your properties are missing. Not only that, but the dashboard itself looks different. What happened was you accessed our site as an applicant, which brought you to the Renter Dashboard.

How to return to the Agent Dashboard from the Renter Dashboard

1. From the main site, click Log in.

2. When you log in, you will be brought to your dashboard. However, since you are on the renter dashboard, it will look a little different.

3. To get to the Agent Dashboard, click on your name in the top-right corner.


4. Once you click on your name, you will notice a drop-down menu that appears. Click on the bottom option, which says "Agent? Click here."


That's all you need to do! You will now be taken to your Agent Dashboard, where any properties you have added previously will be listed and reports available to view.