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FAQ: As a Property Representative, why won't my bank account connect?

Common connection errors and troubleshooting for Agents, Landlords, Property Managers, and Owners when linking a receiving bank account with rent payment through RentSpree.

RentSpree partners with industry leader Stripe to offer a fast and safe way for users to connect their bank account for rent payment. 

Below are some common issues you may encounter when trying to link your bank account and how to resolve them. 

I can't find my bank, what do I do?

1. Make sure you check the spelling of the bank you are searching for and try all possible options.

  • For example: 1st and First, or Federal Credit Union and FCU.

2. Did your banking institution recently change names or get acquired? Make sure to enter the current name of your banking institution, not just the one you signed up with. 

  • For example: Boeing Employee Credit Union > BECU, or SunTrust and BB&T have been acquired by Truist, so you would enter Truist. 

If you have tried the above steps and still do not see your bank:

You can connect manually via your account and routing number. Here are the steps to do so. 

Remember! Only enter your account and routing if your bank does not show up. If your bank is supported, you must connect via your online banking credentials. 

I don't use online banking, can I still pay rent with RentSpree?

If your bank is not currently supported through Stripe, you can manually add your banking information. After adding your banking information, we will take two microtransactions to confirm that the banking information is correct. Once these transactions have been taken out of your account and refunded, you can use the rent payment feature.

What if I use a spending account, online bank, or a pre-paid account?

How do I know if I have a checking account or a spending account? 

Spending accounts are becoming increasingly popular as neo-banks begin to arise. These companies offer banking services but are not themselves a bank. To offer these services, these companies house the funds at a larger parent bank. However, all your "banking" is done under their name, making these accounts "spending" accounts. Some examples are:

  • Credit Karma Spend/ Credit Karma Money
  • Robinhood Cash
  • Acorns
  • Dave
  • Albert Cash

Can I use my spending account or pre-paid account with RentSpree rent payment?

If you have a spending account (like any of the aforementioned) or you have a prepaid account  (Walmart MoneyCard, GreenDot, etc.), unfortunately, these accounts will not be able to connect with rent payment. RentSpree's rent payment feature currently only supports connecting checking accounts. However, we hope to offer more ways to collect and pay rent soon! Stay tuned!

It's telling me my username/password is incorrect.

  1. Double-check that you are typing everything in as if this was your online bank account. Make sure only to capitalize what you would on your bank's website, and remove any excess spaces that sneak their way in at the end. 
  2. Verify that you are not using autofill. Auto-fill may be great for storing passwords, but occasionally it can cause an issue in Stripe. Make sure you type your information in manually rather than letting auto-fill add it in. 
  3. Ensure you didn't recently change your password or username or just open the account. It can take up to a week for new information to be sent from the bank to Stripe. 

If you are still receiving the incorrect credentials error after verifying all of the above steps, then your bank may have a temporary connection issue with Stripe. We recommend trying again in a couple of days or connecting to another account. 

I'm being asked to verify, but when I click, it says, "already verified?"

This happens when you enter the account and routing numbers, but Stripe already supports this bank in their system. 

To resolve this:

  1. Go to your RentSpree dashboard and click Continue to finish setting up your account. 
  2. On the Select Checking Account screen, you should see your routing number and "Not Verified." Underneath, click + Add new account
  3. Search for your bank's name in the search bar. Please verify that you are trying all spellings, abbreviations, and capitalizations. 
  4. If you are searching and still not finding your bank's name, please contact RentSpree support.