Tenant Screening Frequently Asked Questions
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How will I know when my applicant has finished submitting?

Do I need to wait for my applicant to contact me regarding a completed application?

I am waiting for an applicant to finish submitting their information. Should I keep calling/emailing them or will you notify me when they have submitted?

You will receive an email notification

When an applicant submits their application and screening report information, you get notified via email at the same time they click the submit button. You will then be able to view all of the submitted material on your dashboard!

Within the dashboard, the applicant's name and status will be shown with other basic information from the reports if they were included. (You must click on your property address to see the list of applicants) An applicant with a new submission will have their name in bold.




Clicking on it will bring you to their page, where you will be able to view their reports.