What is the benefit of using RentSpree?

How can RentSpree save me time and benefit me?

In real estate, time is money. That is why RentSpree wants to save you both time and money by using our service.

Saves Time

  • We collect rental applications in addition to providing screening reports which are prepared by TransUnion.
  • Efficient turn-around time for credit, criminal, and eviction reports (including identity verification) all from TransUnion.
  • 24/7 access - reports can be run any time any day.
  • 60-second sign-up with no need for any on-site inspections.
  • All important fields of the application are required - they cannot come back incomplete.
  • Application fees are paid directly on our site.

Reduces Liability

  • Never handle an SSN for applicants. The SSN is not included on any documents and we always recommend collecting the SSN during the lease-signing process.
  • Create a trail of due-diligence for each applicant.
  • Application fees are paid directly on our site which means no need to handle cash or credit card info.

Less Expensive

  • No cost for property representatives to use.
  • You can use the same application for multiple properties as the property address does not appear on the application.

Potential tenants more likely to apply

  • Soft-credit inquiry does not damage credit scores or leave a mark on reports.
  • Mobile-friendly so anyone can apply using any device.
  • Applicants receive a copy of all reports after submitting.
  • Status updates provided to your dashboard so you can keep up with the applicant's progress.
  • The whole process takes 10-15 minutes.

Track-record of Success

  • Integrated with some of the largest associations in the country.
  • Partnered with CAR, CRMLS, SRAR, BHGLAAR, OCAR, WMA, and AAGLA.
  • Integrated within zipForm® Plus.