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FAQ: What is a Resident Score?

TransUnion ResidentScore

When browsing our site, you may have noticed the term "Resident Score" periodically. This is a type of credit score that is specifically designed for tenant screening from TransUnion. Here are some reasons that a TransUnion ResidentScore is the way to go:

  • The Resident Score uses, at a minimum, the same information that's factored for a FICO Score or any other credit score. 
  • Like a traditional FICO score, the Resident Score ranges from 350-850.
  • The Resident Score analyzes resident records and uses additional rental data tailored for resident screening and rental history.
  • It is a better predictor of rental outcomes.
  • Traditional credit scores are used to predict the outcome of a loan, not rental performance.
  • The Resident Score is designed specifically for tenant screening by TransUnion.

For more information on the Resident Score and how it is configured, click here.