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How can I update my information in the TransUnion Screening section?

How to finish screening when you have called TransUnion and need to edit your information

A common error we see on the site is one where TransUnion needs more information to complete the screening. This error occurs for two reasons:

  1. Your credit history is not extensive enough to generate Identity Verification questions. You will need to call and verify over the phone, where you may be asked to send in further documents for verification.
    1. You can then return to the page with the error, check off the box stating that you have been verified, and click Continue.
  2. You have entered something that does not match what TransUnion has on file for you. This can be a typo in the SSN, an address you have not resided at for enough time, or some other information that is incorrect. You will need to call TransUnion.
    1. They will let you know what information needs to be changed. To change this, return to the page on our site with the error and check off the box saying you have been verified. You can then click on the Continue button. 
    2. This will take you BACK one step to edit any information for the screening portion and re-enter your SSN.
      1. Make sure to check-off the box that says Update my SSN/ITIN with TransUnion.
    3. Double-check the information entered before clicking on Save and Continue.
    That's it! You should now be able to edit any information and proceed to submitting payment, if requested, and the agent/owner will be notified.