Agent Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Why am I seeing my name when I click on the ApplyLink to apply?

I'm helping my applicant apply using my computer but every time I click on the ApplyLink, I see my name instead of theirs. Why is this?

A: You did not log out of your account.

Solution: When using RentSpree, you are asked to sign-in in order to send requests to any applicants. Similarly, they are asked to create an account/sign-in so that they can submit their information and view the reports they have already submitted. Clicking the ApplyLink does not log you out of the account, which is why your name is still appearing.

To fix this, simply click on your name in the top-right corner and select Log Out. Then, you can have your applicant log in to apply to your property. Just remember to log out of their account once they have submitted successfully and back into your account.