Step 3 - TransUnion Screening Reports

How to save TransUnion reports as a PDF

Saving your application and TransUnion reports as a PDF

Saving your application and TransUnion reports as a PDF

When you use RentSpree, we allow you to print and save all applications and TransUnion reports as a PDF. To do this, you would just need to access your dashboard and click on the Save as PDF button on the top-right of each report.

1. From the main page, click on Log In in the top-right corner.

2. Once you log in, you will be brought to your dashboard with your properties listed.

3. Find the property you applied to and click on either the View Application or View Screening Report(s) buttons, depending on which you would like to save (you can always come back and view/save them at any time). Once clicked, the application or report will open up in a new tab.

4. Click on the button that looks like a piece of paper with an "A" in it. When hovered over, this should say Save as PDF.

5. Once you have clicked that button, a loading circle will appear and then the file will download. While it may vary by browser, the picture below shows what the file looks like when downloaded in Google Chrome.

That's it! Your file will most likely appear in your downloads folder, although if you have changed your download destination it will appear there instead. You can then rename the file and use it to apply to other properties! To save any other reports as PDF's, you can return to your dashboard and repeat steps 4-7 for each report.