TransUnion Reports - Credit Report

How is the Resident Score calculated?

How the Resident Score is determined

The reports come directly from TransUnion, who provide a Resident Score on their credit reports. This score is tailored specifically for the rental industry and is helpful in predicting renter outcomes.

Elements of the Resident Score

Here we will break down each section of the Resident Score and how it factors into the final score.

  • 30% - Payment History - Someone's personal track record of paying bills on time.
  • 26% - Utilization - The amount of available credit being used by someone.
  • 21% - Credit History - Credit Performance over time.
  • 13% - Credit Availability - Magnitude of credit extended to someone.
  • 10% - Inquiries - Information related to someone's credit seeking behavior.

The rental industry calculates risk using different predictors than the credit industry.

  • Insurance Risk Model - Predicts likelihood of an insurance claim
  • Mortgage Risk Model - Predicts likelihood of foreclosure
  • Resident Risk Model - Predicts likelihood of a negative rental outcome i.e. risks of an eviction, late rental payments, and/or insufficient funds.