June 2023

[Rent Payment] Renters can pay rent ahead of the scheduled due date

What is it? 

Renters can initiate rent payments ahead of their scheduled due date. 

Why does it matter?

Previously, renters could only initiate rent payments to be paid on the scheduled due date the landlord set. With this update, renters will have the option to pay their rent through the RentSpree dashboard at any time.

This also enables landlords to receive rent payments faster than the expected deposit date. 

How does it work?

    • When a tenant receives a rent payment request from a property representative, they will see a new button on the dashboard called Pay Now

    • Tenants will be able to complete their next upcoming rent payment any time before the due date by clicking Pay Now

Who gets it?

This will be available to all users submitting rent payments through RentSpree.