A Guide to Sending Direct Messages through RentSpree

Now you can message other agents, landlords, and applicants directly through RentSpree!

To help bridge the gap between agents, owners, and applicants involved in a transaction, we have introduced a messaging feature on RentSpree! Here, we will go over using it for the first time.

Sending a new message

  1. To get started, click the Messages tab on the left side of your dashboard.

  2. Click on the New Message button and enter the email address of the person you would like to message. Then, click on Start a Conversation.

  3. You will then see the conversation open. Type in a message and click on Send to start messaging someone right away!
    1. NOTE: If you do not send a message the conversation will not be saved. You will need to re-enter the email address when you go to send a message again.

  4. If this is an agent/owner/applicant without a RentSpree account, an email will be sent notifying them that you have sent a message. They will then be able to create a new account to view and respond to your message!
    1. If the user already has a RentSpree account, we will notify them by email only if they have not checked your message within 10 minutes of being sent. 

To manage your messages, simply login to your RentSpree account and click on the Messages tab on the left side of the dashboard.

*RentSpree is currently beta testing with a new navigation bar. If your RentSpree dashboard looks different, click here for more information.