Auto-Reference Check

How to use Auto-Reference Checks (ARC)

Verify the information your applicant provides directly through RentSpree!

What is Auto-Reference Checks or ARC?

Auto-reference checks, or ARC's, are a service offered with RentSpree PRO. When an applicant completes an application, they provide contact information for current and previous employers, current and previous landlords, one personal reference, and one professional reference.

Based on the phone numbers and emails provided, an automated message will be sent out to each reference asking them to verify the information provided by the applicant. If they refute any information, they will be asked to enter the correct information in an entry field.

How to initiate Auto Reference Check

1. Once you log into your RentSpree Dashboard, select a submitted rental application that you would like to initiate a reference check for.

 2. Once you select a submission, click the  REF CHECKS tab at the top of the page.

3. You’ll then select the references you would like to send a reference check by selecting the corresponding checkbox. 

4. Select which references to check, then click on the SEND REQUEST(S) button that appears.

5. The references listed will now receive an email and/or text message that asks them to verify the information provided. If they refute the information, they are asked to provide detail as to why. Once they have submitted their verification, you will receive an email letting you know.

How to review Auto Reference Check results

  1. You can then return to the REF CHECKS tab of the applicant and review the returned reference checks.
  2. Each reference returned will either say VERIFIED or REFUTED under the Status column.
  3. Below this is a report where you can view what information has been verified or refuted. If refuted, you can see the comments left by the reference.



You may view the image below or click here to watch a video walkthrough.