Renters Insurance

How to Sign up for Renters Insurance

How to Purchase Renters Insurance for the property you are renting.

This article goes over how to sign up for Renters Insurance if your agent/landlord requires it for the property. This can be done by either uploading your current Renters Insurance Policy to your agent/landlord or purchasing Renters Insurance through Sure.

Purchasing Renters Insurance

You can Purchase Renters Insurance directly through the RentSpree Site if you don't have a current Renters Insurance Policy. You will receive an email from your agent/landlord that you are required to obtain renter insurance for your lease.

After choosing to get your quote you will be taken to your RentSpree profile. You will then be taken to select an option for your Renters Insurance

  • I'd like to request a quote
  • I'm already covered
    • Please follow this article if you have proof of Renters Insurance. Here

Selecting I'd like to request a quote will allow you to Purchase Renters Insurance through Sure. You will be asked a series of questions about the property and the specific needs that you want to be included in your quote.

  1. Personal Information
  2. Excluding storms, floods, and other natural causes, how many losses have you had in the past three years?
    1. If you selected 1 or 2 or more you will receive the question What was the date of the most recent loss?
  3. Do you own or care for an animal that has caused bodily injury or harm?

After selecting your options you will get a Price for Renters Insurance. On this screen, you will see your amount due for Renters Insurance that you can either pay monthly or yearly and the Effective Date.


Customize your policy

Here you can customize your policy to reflect your specific needs. You will have options that you can select from.

  • Personal Property (select amount for personal property owned)
  • Liability Coverage
  • Deductibles
    • Loss of use
    • Replacement Cost
    • Sewer or Drain Backup
    • Identity Fraud
    • Earthquake Coverage


Policy Options

You can select to add another person to your policy that will be covered under the same policy options that you have selected.

  • First Name and Last name
    • Note: Adding another person to the property will update the price of Renters Insurance and this will be reflected on the banner at the bottom of the screen when confirming the coverage.
    • Note: Assurant Disclaimer


Confirm Coverage/Payment Info

Your final price for your renter insurance policy will be on the banner at the bottom of the page. This will update throughout the process of selecting your policy options. You will see a due today amount and then a payment amount for your next 10 months if you selected to pay monthly.

-Payment Info

  • Pay Today
  • Recurring Payment (If Applicable)
  • Policy effective date


  • Card Info
  • Checkbox for acknowledgments


You're Covered Confirmation

Information will be sent to the landlord of confirmation of your Renters Insurance Policy. You will receive a welcome email from Assurant with your policy info.

    • Note: Assurant Policy information can take up to 24 hours before receiving your email.