One Time Payment

A Guide to Setting Up a One-Time Payment

How do I set up a one time payment for a renter?

Landlords, Property Managers, and other Property Representatives are able to request and collect one time payment requests from renters. From Security Deposits to Late Fees, one time payments are here to assist along with collecting the monthly rent!  

How to Initiate a One Time Payment

  1. On your RentSpree Dashboard, click the Rent Payment tab in the menu bar on the left. Select Start Collecting Rent if this is the first time setting up rent payment or + New Payment if you've previously set up rent payment.
    1. Start Collecting Rent
      New RP 1

    2. + New Payment New Payment 1-PNG (1)
  2. After, you will be prompted to Select Property & Tenant. If you have previously set up rent payment, you can select the property and/or tenant from the drop-down menu. 

    a. If this is a new property or new tenant for rent payment, you can select Add Property or Add Tenant.

    New RP

  3. You will then be directed to the Set Up Your Payment page, where you'll enter information such as Payment Category, Amount, Type, Due Date, and an optional description. Please make sure you select One-Time for the payment type.

RP 2 (1)

RP ont

All done! The renter will be notified via email to set up their account to complete the one-time payment transaction. RentSpree will also email you once the renter has initiated the transaction, and you may see the payment progress on your RentSpree Dashboard.  Please allow up to 2-5 business days for the payment to be completed.