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How to link your zipForm Plus account with RentSpree

A guide to linking your zipForm® Plus account with RentSpree and collecting a completed C.A.R. Rental Form!

Collecting your First Online C.A.R. Rental Application Using RentSpree

When you use RentSpree's screening platform, you can receive a completed California Association of REALTORS® rental application from each applicant. You can receive the application along with RentSpree's comprehensive credit, criminal, and eviction related proceedings.

To collect a C.A.R. rental application package using RentSpree, you'll need to first send an application request and receive an application back through RentSpree (click here to learn how).

Linking your RentSpree and zipForm® Plus accounts

1. Go to or zipForm® Plus and log in to zipForm® Plus with your username and password.

2. From your "Transactions" tab, click on an existing Lease or Lease, Residential property.

2(a). If you do not have an existing transaction, please click New and create either a Lease or Lease, Residential transaction.


3. Once selected, you will be brought to that transaction summary page. On the top-left, you will notice the transaction address. To the right of this is a button that says Marketplace (it looks like two hands shaking). Click that button. 


4. Click on My Marketplace to find RentSpree and then click on Send To.

5. You will then notice another pop-up, this time explaining RentSpree. Click on Get Started at the bottom of the pop-up.

6. You will be asked to sign-in with your RentSpree credentials. Enter your login information and then click Sign In.

7. Once you have signed in, you will be asked to select your property from a drop-down menu. Ignore this and click on Back to dashboard to return to your RentSpree dashboard and view the application and reports (for help with viewing reports, click here).

Enable screening through a new listing

  1. From your "Transactions" tab, click New to create a new Lease or Lease-Listing. 
  2. Select Residential for the category.
  3. If you would like to include the RentSpree application and screening package, leave the box RentSpree Tenant Screening checked. If it is not checked, click on it to include it.
  4. Once the listing is created, you will receive an email with your ApplyLink™ that can be shared with anyone interested in the property.

Access the submitted reports and download the C.A.R. rental application

1. Visit your dashboard and click on a property address that a renter has applied to.

2. Click on the name/email of the person whose application you would like to view.

3. When viewing the application, click on the blue button in the top-right that says Export C.A.R. Rental App

4. When you click on Export C.A.R. Rental App, you will notice a loading circle and then the file will download to wherever you have set your browser's download folder. Just locate the file and double-click it to open it with your PDF viewer. You will also receive the C.A.R. app as a document under the transaction in zipForm® Plus!

Getting a signature through zipForm® Plus

When you receive the C.A.R. Rental App in zipForm® Plus, you are able to request a signature on it through zipForm® Plus directly! 

1. From your transaction summary page, click on the document you wish to send for a signature.

2. Once you have clicked on the document, it will open up. Click on the Sign button at the top of the document.

3. After clicking that, you will be brought to the E-Signature page. This is where you will get to name the file you are sending, select the file, and select which signing service you would like to use. Once you have done this, click Next in the top-right corner. 

4. After this, you will be taken through the E-Signature steps of logging into any services, if necessary, selecting the recipients, and sending everything off! For questions about this specific service, it is recommended you contact zipForms® directly.