Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Can I edit my rental application or screening reports after I've submitted it?

No, please reach out to your agent or property representative to send you an ApplyLink or contact TransUnion if there's any incorrect info on your screening reports

Submitted Information on the Rental Application & Reports

Please use the following steps in the Steps to take if there is incorrect information on a recently submitted rental application section below if there's incorrect information on a submitted rental application that you just submitted.

If you are trying to edit your rental application from a previous submission for a new rental listing, please request an ApplyLink from an agent or property representative of that listing. Once you have the new ApplyLink, you'll be able to update your rental application before completing your submission for the new listing.

If there's incorrect information on your TransUnion Screening Report that was just generated for a recent submission, please reach out to TransUnion to initiate a dispute case at (833) 458-6338.

Steps to take if there is incorrect information on a recently submitted rental application

  1. Reach out to the agent or property representative you applied to and let them know of any updates that are needed on your submitted rental application
  2. If the agent or property representative needs the corrections to be on the rental application, they can create a new ApplyLink that includes just the rental application and forward it to you
    1. If the agent just selects the rental application, no fees are required as the rental application is free to complete 
    2. If you see a screening fee, the agent or property representative may have accidentally included the screening reports - please request that they send you a new ApplyLink for just the rental application
  3. Once you receive the new ApplyLink and start the new application, please complete the short Rental Information section and then click the View/Edit button in the Rental Application section to update and edit your information.
    1. Please note that the information from the previous submission will be automatically entered into any new rental application. Please ensure that you review your rental application before submitting it, 

If your agent needs further assistance with generating a new ApplyLink, please have them contact our support team at (323) 515-7757 or