One Time Payment

A Guide to Editing a One-Time Payment

How can I edit a one time payment?

Landlords, Property Managers, and other Property Representatives can edit information for a one time payment such as Category, Payment Amount, and more! However, please note changes must be done PRIOR to the due date of the payment as once the payment is due, edits disabled. Also note, renters are not able to edit payment information. If a payment is due but needs to be edited, please cancel the payment and initiated another to the renter. 

How to edit a one time payment

  1. Log into your RentSpree Dashboard and click on the Rent Payment tab on the left

  2. Select a one time payment that is Upcoming
  3. Select the 3 dotted icon on the right and select Edit
  4. An edit pop up will appear where you may enter the update information. Once updated, select Save

All done! The information will be updated on your RentSpree Dashboard and the renter's RentSpree Dashboard. An email from RentSpree will also be sent to the renter to notify them of the updates as well!