One Time Payment

A Guide to Canceling a One-Time Payment

How do I cancel a one-time payment?

Landlords, Property Managers, or any Property Representatives can cancel a one time payment through the RentSpree Dashboard. However, please note cancelling a one time payment must be done PRIOR to the renter initiating payment. If the renter has initiated payment, it cannot be cancelled. Also note, a renter cannot cancel a payment on their RentSpree Dashboard either.  Please contact your banking institution for further instructions if a renter has initiated a payment that needs to be cancelled. 

How to cancel a one time payment

  1. Log into your RentSpree Dashboard and click on Rent Payment
  2. Select the one time payment that needs to be cancelled
  3. Once directed to the Transaction page, click Payment Info
  4. Select the Delete Payment button to initiate the payment to be cancelled
  5. A confirmation box will appear to confirm the cancellation of payment, select Delete Payment to confirm
  6. After the payment has been cancelled and deleted, you'll see the transaction as Voided

All done! The renter will be notified via email that the transaction has been deleted and cancelled. The payment request will also be voided on the renter's RentSpree Dashboard too.