Client Manager

Intro to Using the Client Manager

How to add contacts manually or through the applicant's rental application to the client manager.

How to Add a Contact

You can add a contact directly through the Client Manager tab within RentSpree. Once you are on the client manager page, you can select the Add Contact button to start adding information for the contact. The information that you can add for the applicant is listed below:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile
  • Did this person provide an address?
  • Role
  • Add Tags


Once the contact has been added, you can add even more details about the contact. This will include all items listed below:

  • Birthday
  • Source
  • First Contact
  • Latest Contact
  • Monthly Income
  • Work Status
  • Move-in
  • Address
    • Includes City, State, Zip Code
  • Company Name
  • Address
    • Includes City, State, Zip Code


How to add a contact from a Rental Application

You can add applicants' information directly from their rental application. When an applicant applies the information will be automatically added to your contacts area. You can turn this off by following this article HERE. At the top right corner of the application, you can use the drop-down to select from two options:

  • View/Edit Contact
    • Allows you to edit the applicants information (see picture above)
  • Don't Save This Person
    • Removes them from your contacts list


If you have removed the contact from your contacts list, or have the setting to automatically add contacts after the report is submitted successfully, you will have the option to add a contact.


Activities and Tasks

As you and your clients use RentSpree, you'll find their activity and any suggested tasks called out on their contact card within Client Manager.

  • Activity
    • Allows you to see recent activity regarding your Contact, including new message notifications and information on when and where the contact was created.

  • Tasks
    • As your contact completes certain milestones, your task panel will suggest next steps for you to take, such as Accepting or Denying the application or completing an E-Sign Document.

    • You're able to delete a task that isn't relevant by selecting the "Action" menu on the task and choosing Delete.